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You definitely can train your waist without injury or discomfort if you manage it properly. It will depend on your figure and your general build, to a large extent. Be realistic about how much waist reduction will be possible. Some writers say to aim at 4-6 inches [10-15 cm] reduction but that is not the right way to think about it. It depends on your shape before you begin and how your skeleton is arranged.

I am only 5'1" and I always wanted a smaller waist and tried exercises, running, yoga and all sorts of diets. Before I started corseting at the age of 21, my waist had been about 30 inches. And it was the same as my bra measurement so I looked parallel. But I do have quite a long gap between my bottom ribs at the back and my pelvis bone. That is the secret. If you have only a 1 inch gap, then a big reduction in waist will not be possible, I don’t think. In my case the gap is 3 inches and corsets settle nicely into that gap, if they are made properly with fluted panels – sometimes called gores or gussets.

I met someone who suggested a corset to be worn at nights and weekends, to train my middle. It seemed a strange thing to do and I fought the idea for some time, but then I tried it out - and it worked immediately - within a few weeks my waist was noticeably less. Then I got addicted!!

I trained slowly at the rate of about 2 inches each year, so that I achieved my present 20 inches in about 4 years. The slow training was pain-free and I soon learned to move differently, to eat more carefully and sensibly, and sometimes to rest a little more. I am in perfect health with normal cholesterol, iron, vitamin-D, calcium, blood pressure, liver and renal function, menstruation and everything else. I live near London UK, have a Maths degree and work in specialised insurance in the City.

I have been training my waist since 1996 and have worn a tight-laced corset every day since 1999. That is more than 12 years. My tight waist during the day is 20 inches. For special occasions I lace myself an extra inch tighter to 19 inches. I sleep in a special light short corset with my waist at 21 inches. I got married five years ago and my husband is very happy with my figure and with our life together.

My measurements in a normal day are bust 36C, waist 20, hips 38. My weight is around 120 pounds. I do not go crazy or aim at a world record tiny waist. And I do not show it off because I am not an exhibitionist. I wear clothes that hide my waist during the day at work. I do it for my own satisfaction and my husband's appreciation.

I am not looking to convert you to wear corsets, but if you want to try it out you'll be amazed. An inch or two reduction will be easy if you just wear the corset at night and weekends. Message me if you want any more info.