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Beautiful Body

Care & Washing Instructions

We recommended method of caring for your corset, cincher is to always wear a thin garment underneath it. For example, over a slip, chemise, or hidden tube top; This helps prevent buildup of excessive perspiration and/or body oils from the skin on the corset lining

Hand Washing

Most people however, wear the corsets directly on their skin. If this is you, we recommend hand-washing whenever possible. Use a mild non-biological powder, mix it in warm water and gently sponge the corset clean. Try to keep the corset as flat as possible while cleaning it - don't bend it in ways that it wouldn't bend when on your body.

Rinse it fully with clean warm water then allow to dry flat and do not wring it dry. Doing so can cause serious structural damage to the corset. Keep it well ventilated (such as on a clothing rack) to prevent any deterioration of the boning. Do not place your corset near heat sources while drying - this could cause it to dry unevenly and warp, which again will cause structural disfiguration. To ensure that your corset bonding remains in good condition, make sure that it is fully dried before storing away.

Dry Cleaning

Please hand wash or gentle cycle machine wash Do Not Put In Dryer